Samsung Apps is an open market service for developers and users consisting of three service channels : web, mobile and Samsung Kies, a specially created PC software. Applications can be purchased by using Samsung Apps on your mobile and through Samsung Kies on your PC. Samsung Apps is also dubbed the first app store used specifically for televisions.

For Samsung smart phones the app store is dedicated for handsets running the Bada operating system and currently operates in more than 80 countries and 100 carriers around the world. It also shares its name with app store for Samsung Android phones. The international store was opened in connection with the release of the Samsung Wave.

Over 4500 apps were available through the mobile app store as of January 2011, downloaded more than 2 million times. Samsung reached the milestone within a year of the store’s launch, and has seen the number of downloads from the store doubled since November 2010, when it reached 1 million downloads.

This multi-functional store also currently boasts 380 applications designed for Samsung connected HDTVs, with the most popular ones being YouTube, Hulu Plus, ESPN next Level, Google Maps and AccuWeather.

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  1. eula fran says:

    smart tv but so much problem to get going , the Samsung app where every things is based around before the tv works its a damme head ache and you a pilot licences and rockets science qualification to have this so-call smart tv working. smart tv right so why not have the basicand necessary software already installed on the dam thing?

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