Windows Phone Marketplace is a service for the Windows Phone 7 platform that allows users to search and download applications that have been developed by third-parties. Aligned with the Windows Phone 7, the Marketplace’s UI is presented in a “panoramic view” where yoy can browse categories and titles, see top lists, and get details with ratings, reviews and price. This app store was launched along with Windows Phone 7 in Oct 2010 in selected countries and currently offers 6000 apps that have been downloaded over half a million times.

Part from support for credit card purchases, operator billing, and ad-supported content, the Marketplace also features a “try-before-you-buy” scheme, where you are approached with an option to download a trial version of a commercial app. Part from this it shares a lot of the features with its now discontinued predecessor, Windows Marketplace for Mobile – a Microsoft platform for the delivery of software electronically that worked with Windows Marketplace and was secured by use of Windows Live ID.

In Microsofts app store an app can only be placed in one of the the 61 categories, which are split up in to 16 main categories and 25 sub-categories. Apps can only be placed in one of these categories. When it comes to convergence it offers quite a lot however, bringing together podcasts and music provided by the Zune Marketplace with downloads for 3D games boosting integrated Xbox Live connectivity and features.

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